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We compare ''The Best Years'' and ''Greek''

These two shows show different sides of college life

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The Best Years

Leading Lady
Sam (Charity Shea), the moody foster kid who scored a scholarship to Charles University — and now must do everything necessary to keep it.

Biggest Dilemma
So many to choose from, like whether she should forgive her long-lost uncle for ditching her after her parents’ death.

The Dangers of Booze
Sam nearly gets kicked out of school when she and her buddies get drunk on the dorm roof — and one of them plunges to his death.


Leading Lady
Casey (Spencer Grammer), a pink-sweatered sorority girl struggling to stay on top socially while helping geeky bro Rusty fit in at Cyprus-Rhodes U.

Biggest Dilemma
Does she stay with popular (and cheating) boyfriend Evan or give in to scruffy first love Cappie? OMG, what to do?!?

The Dangers of Booze
Using brain cells to kill brain cells, Rusty uses an Atmospheric Destabilizer Module to fix the beer-spewing volcano for Kappa Tau’s homecoming bash.