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Learn the latest dance craze

Learn the latest dance craze — Rapper Jason Fox breaks down the moves for the ”Aunt Jackie”

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Rapper Jason Fox’s video for ”Aunt Jackie” has instigated the biggest silly-dance frenzy since last year’s ”Chicken Noodle Soup.” Want to join the fun? Fox, 22, who was inspired by a pal’s relative — ”She’s elderly [ahem, late 50s], so that’s how she dances” — walks EW through the moves.

STEP 1 Join both hands near upper torso and pump them forward. Think of it as ”a groovy Heimlich,” Fox explains.

STEP 2 Lift hands up high; clap once. ”Some people swing [their hands] around their heads, some over their shoulders.”

STEP 3 Extend arms, shimmy hips, then sidestep. But ”there’s no one way to do it,” he concedes. ”People add their own flair.”

STEP 4 Jump in place, clicking heels. ”All the kids have to do is see it on YouTube, and in 10 seconds, they’ve got it down pat.”