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Okay, who watched 'High School Musical 2'?

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Grabeel_lDid anyone over the age of 14 watch High School Musical 2, besides me?

Until last weekend, I was blissfully ignorant of all things Wildcats. (That’s the East High mascot. These kids are seriously into school spirit.) But then I stumbled onto the first film Saturday afternoon, and decided I should probably see what all the fuss is about. While I didn’t develop an inappropriate crush on Zac Efron— yay me!— I did appreciate the message that kids shouldn’t be afraid to break out of their cliques. (In the original, Efron’s basketball star Troy wants to sing in a school musical with Gabriella, a new-to-town smarty-pants played by Vanessa Hudgens.)

Since I was too tired to move off the couch, I watched the sequel. It’s now summer, and the Wildcats all get jobs at a country club where rich and fabulous classmate Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) is a member. She wants to sing with Troy in the club’s talent show and uses her daddy’s connections to the local university (where Troy would love to go on a basketball scholarship) to make him feel indebted to her. The moral here is you don’t sell out to get ahead. And that Dirty Dancing choreographer Kenny Ortega (who directed both School films) and Co. should have focused as much on Efron’s golf-course showstopper, “Bet on It” as they did the baseball-diamond delight “I Don’t Dance,” which finally let Lucas Grabeel, pictured, show the moves he’s got.

Now back to the original question: Did you watch High School Musical 2? Also: How did it stack up to the original? And do you think the soundtrack could wind up as the biggest seller of 2007?

addCredit(“Lucas Grabeel: Everett Collection”)