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Brian Bloom IS an '80s dreamboat, thank you

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Bbloom_lThere’s a picture book coming out in October called God’s Gift: Over 100 Studs, Stallions, and Dreamboats fom the 70s and 80s — and it does not include As the World TurnsBrian Bloom. That’s just wrong.

Granted, I myself hadn’t thought about Bloom and his searing eyes for more than a decade until yesterday — when I was IMDBing Who’s the Boss?, saw the name Scott Bloom and thought it was him — but still. This book says it’s full of pictures Hollywood studs and stallions “don’t want you to see,” and I’m confident that Brian Bloom would not want you looking at this or this. (And note to whoever’s Flickr page those are from: Steve Guttenberg? Really?)

Yeah, okay, so Bloom’s hair in the photo at left is a little, er, controversial, but look into those eyes and tell me he doesn’t deserve a page in God’s Gift. And while you’re at it, who are your essential ’70s and ’80s dreamboats?

addCredit(“Brian Bloom: Walter McBride/Retna”)