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'Til Death

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8:30-9 PM · FOX · Returns Sept. 19

”The responses we got last year from people were ‘I watch with my husband, I watch with my wife,’ and ‘My husband annoys me the same way he annoys her,”’ says exec producer Josh Goldsmith. So in ‘Til Death‘s second season, the challenge for the battling couple, played by Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher, will be ”detailing the characters, learning the backstory.” Or as Garrett puts it, discovering ”why Joely and I are together [after] 20 years.” Adds Goldsmith: ”We have an episode based on Brad’s real life: He’s super-tall but is very bad at basketball. So we’re going to do a coming-out episode where he has to admit to the world that he’s very tall and can’t play ball.” Goldsmith also makes a boldly ambitious statement: ”With Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens off the air, we’re really hoping to carry the torch of that couples show.” Or just let ’em divorce and have Garrett marry Kevin James.