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Join our live viewing party of the 'This Is Us' season premiere.

This is Us

Tonight at 9PM ET



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David Moir

10-11 PM · NBC · Debuts Sept. 24

CONCEPT Rome‘s Kevin McKidd stars as a San Franciscan who keeps getting swept back in time — when he was engaged to a woman (Day Break‘s Moon Bloodgood) who mysteriously died. Or did she?

THE SCOOP ”It taps into that game we all play with ourselves when we’re bored at our desks,” says McKidd. ”Looking at your life, thinking about the sum of all your choices bringing you to this moment of time.” Here, our hero must figure out the purpose of each time-warping mission — while juggling his love for his family in the present, and his fiancée in the past. As creator Kevin Falls explains: ”Time travel is very hard on a marriage.”

BOTTOM LINE After a strong pilot episode, Journeyman landed a space in NBC’s new sci-fi-themed Monday lineup, following Heroes. Mutants plus time travelers equals one geeked-up night.