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Gale Adler

8-8:30 PM · ABC · Debuts Oct. 2

CONCEPT The Cro-magnons from the Geico commercials get a sitcom.

THE SCOOP The creators swear it’s not as cynical as you might think. ”It started in a really true place — it wasn’t how to make a TV show that could sell auto insurance,” says exec producer Josh Gordon. ”We’d shoot all this footage when we’d do the commercials that we never used. This show was a platform to channel that energy.” Story lines will focus on Joel (Bill English), an Everycaveman trying to fit into a world dominated by Homo sapiens, and Nick (Nick Kroll), his righteous, strident friend. Says English of his character: ”He’s definitely a guy who wants to make a name for cavemen with hard work…the American dream.”

BOTTOM LINE ABC reshot parts of the pilot and plans to air the revamped outing later in the season. (We haven’t screened the replacement.) The original wasn’t bad, but they’re not exactly inventing the wheel here.