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Things That Make Me Die Inside: Lisa Marie Presley duets with her late father

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Presleys_lSo Lisa Marie Presley thought it would be a good idea to record a duet version of her late dad Elvis’ hit “In the Ghetto” with…her late dad Elvis. I’ve got just one question: Why, why, why?! These creepy studio-assisted seances never turn out well. Not for Natalie and Nat “King” Cole back in ’91. Not for Celine Dion and Elvis himself on this spring’s American Idol stage. (Hasn’t the guy already suffered enough posthumous humiliations this year?) And not for all those tracks that stitch unused ‘Pac and B.I.G. verses together with random rappers they never met — with the possible exception of Biggie and Eminem’s extremely super-NSFW “Dead Wrong.”

The fact that Lisa Marie (pictured, left) is donating all proceeds to a charity for Hurricane Katrina survivors makes me a little more sympathetic, of course. But the maudlin, patronizing “In the Ghetto” feels like a particularly odd choice for that cause. The last thing Katrina’s victims need is a lecture on the dangers of inner-city life. So go ahead and download this single when it pops up on iTunes thisFriday — but for the love of Col. Tom Parker, delete it from your harddrive the second that $0.99 charity donation goes through!

All in all, I’m pretty sure I’d rather listen to Eric Cartman’s South Park cover of this song. Anyone out there want to rush to Lisa Marie’s defense?

addCredit(“Lisa Marie Presley: Jim Spellman/WireImage.com; Elvis Presley: Everett Collection”)