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Vote now! Pancakes vs. Quesadillas

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Dan_lWe posted the trailer for Dan in Real Life on Friday, and having just caught a glimpse of its movie poster (pictured), I am dumbstruck by how much the plate of food — presumably and logically, pancakes — resembles a stack of quesadillas. The image won’t leave my brain alone. It’s impacted me so profoundly that the melted butter* might as well be running down my own chin. (*Or, cheesy grease!)

Is it because I’m currently eating Chipotle? Am I predisposed to think about quesadillas? Does Steve Carell look so gaunt and disheveled because he really wants quesadillas, and the only way he’ll get to eat them is if he cuddles with them first? I think it’s all of those things!

Hmmm. If pancakes went up against quesadillas in a Backstreet Boys vs. Jill Scott-type setting, which would win? Vote now.