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The tween Anne Rice

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Eclipse_lBig news in the world of books. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse, the third book in her YA series about sexy young vampire named Edward and the human girl named Bella who loves him, sold 150,000 copies on Tuesday, its first day in stores. Even for a hit series like Meyer’s (her first two novels have sold 1.3 million copies combined), that’s a lot of books. Apparently it’s enough books to make the Journal wonder if Harry Potter comparisons might be in order.

So now’s a good time to ask: who in the world is Stephenie Meyer? Not being 12 myself — or a girl, for that matter — I didn’t have a bead on her or her books till a couple of weeks ago, when I interviewed her for EW. Turns out she’s an absolutely delightful lady who, since literally dreaming up the plot of the vampire love story at the heart of her trilogy in 2003, now writes books at breakneck pace, loves indie rock (especially Muse), skips R-rated movies, is humble about her success, and is grateful to all her fans. She hasn’t gotten a huge amount of media attention — at least prior to this third book— so what I’d like to know now is: Who of you out there is reading her, and what do you think of her novels? By the look of things, she’s really hitting it big at the moment; her website appears to be having trouble dealing with all the legions currently flocking to it. So I know you Meyer mavens are here online, somewhere.