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Who are the crybabies on reality TV?

Who are the crybabies on reality TV — We look at Paula Abdul, Bonnie from ”Hell’s Kitchen,” and Amber from ”Big Brother”

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Who are the crybabies on reality TV?

Bonnie on Hell’s Kitchen
It ain’t because of the onions. The cooking contestant gets teary-eyed at the drop of a (chef’s) hat — like when she’s forced to kill a lobster, when host Gordon Ramsay explodes, or even when she has to nominate a colleague for elimination.

Paula Abdul
Her eponymous show on Bravo provides a glimpse of how little it takes to trigger her three-hankie waterworks: frustration with her assistants, anger over being depicted as a drunk by the media, and sadness over being axed from a consulting gig on Bratz. Oh, boo-hoo!

Amber on Big Brother 8
Though some housemates are almost as weepy (we thought Dustin was going to have an aneurysm when he got the letter from his brother), it seems like this single mom’s soggy strategy is to drown the competition in a river of her tears.