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Imagining a ''Flight of the Navigator'' musical

Imagining a ”Flight of the Navigator” musical — The screen-to-stage flip-flopping of ”Hairspray,” ”Footloose,” and ”Xanadu” got us thinking?

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THE PITCH The Flight, a big-screen musical reimagining of the 1986 Disney adventure and cult fave Flight of the Navigator. THE CAST Freddie Highmore, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker THE PLOT In 1978, David (Highmore), a 15-year-old with no time for his mother (original Navigator star Parker), hits his head while rocking out to Styx and wakes up in 1986. The reason? Max, a time-traveling spaceship (voiced by Jack Black) that crashed while exploring the universal language — music! NASA nabs them, but a sassy techie (Rihanna) helps David and Max escape. The trio zips through time in search of the perfect song — until Max contracts a virus from an illegal download, and David must use his musical knowledge to save him. THE TAGLINE ”In 2008, Music Takes Flight.”