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''Bourne'' vs. ''Sum of all fears''

”Bourne” vs. ”Sum of all fears” — Why Matt Damon’s spy franchise took off, while Ben Affleck’s didn’t

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Five years ago, a couple of friends debuted in action franchises two weeks apart. There was one survivor.

Matt Damon

The Bourne Identity
Damon was a surprise choice for Robert Ludlum’s famed Jason Bourne character.
Opening: 6/14/02
U.S. Gross: $122 mil
Follow-ups: The Bourne Supremacy brought in $176 mil. Now Ultimatum looks like a hit with both audiences and critics.

Ben Affleck

The Sum of All Fears
Affleck inherited Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series from Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin.
Opening: 5/31/02
U.S. Gross: $119 mil
Follow-ups: Still none in the works, though Paramount bought the rights to Clancy’s Red Rabbit back in 2003.