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Bourne vs. Bond: Who ya got?

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Jamesbourne_lWith The Bourne Ultimatum set to become an instant blockbuster when it opens on Friday, it’s about time we at PopWatch deal with the question that everybody’s been talking about since Matt Damon’s series started five years ago: Which JB do you prefer — Jason Bourne or James Bond? Simple.

Or is it? Sure, for a long time, Jason was the hands-down winner. After all, The Bourne Identity introduced a much more visceral, energetic, edgy kind of spy thriller to audiences in 2002 — the same year in which my man Pierce Brosnan’s 007 went out with a whimper in Die Another Day. But then, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, as if out of nowhere, Daniel Craig thoroughly reinvigorated the James Bond franchise last year with Casino Royale, a film that certainly owed a huge debt to the Bourne flicks — but, in my opinion, exceeded them.

So, that’s right, my vote’s for James. What about yours?