July 29, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
(Verizon: $399; 4.6 oz.)

The Good
· The new Global BlackBerry service is available for the jetsetters who need to be able to make calls and receive emails whether they’re in Paris or Des Moines.
· It’s thin, shiny, and ultra-stylish. (Put it this way: My BlackBerry 8703 looks like a Zach Morris phone when placed next to the 8830.)
· Goodbye, click wheel! Hello, mini-trackball! Located atop the keyboard, the new pointing device (with adjustable sensitivity), makes navigating web pages a real breeze. · A micro SD slot is included for increased media storage.
· You can program MP3 files to be ringtones — great news, since the speaker is loud and crystal clear.
· The back-lighting of the screen, keypad, and trackball will change depending on how much light there is inside or outside.

The Bad
· The buttons on the keypad are spaced pretty tightly, so typing takes a little bit of practice.
· There’s no camera on the phone.
· There is no other instant-messenger apps built in besides BlackBerry messenger.
· Not that there’s a reason to open and close the battery compartment often, but when you have to, it takes a little fussing with.

The Lowdown
Fans of the BlackBerry know there’s a reason it’s often dubbed the ”crackberry” — it can create an almost physical dependency. Now with the 8830 available, crackber-, er, Blackberry fans can feed their addictions with an improved handset that has a brighter screen, improved trackball navigation, and overall chic appeal.


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