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A tribute to ''Potter'''s fallen

A tribute to ”Potter”’s fallen — We say goodbye to twelve of our deceased favorites (and not-so-favorites)

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In the bloody battle of Hogwarts and the dark days preceding it, countless Muggles lost their lives — and at least 71 memebers of the magic world. Some will never see the right side of the Resurrection Stone, while others we sorely miss. A Silencing Charm for some of the fallen. — Rachel Orvino

Vinent Crabbe
Colin Creevey
Bellatrix Lestrange
Remus Lupin
Alastor ”Mad-Eye” Moody
Peter Pettigrew
Tom ”Voldemort” Riddle
Severus Snape
Nymphadora Tonks
Fred Weasley

Dear Severus, I want to express my condolences on your untimely death. Yes, I know we’ve never met. Additionally, you are fictional. But in the same way you loved Lily Evans and risked everything in her name, I have always loved you. It was your hatred of children that drew me to you?that, and the fact that you’d never reciprocate my feelings (apparently my No. 1 criterion in choosing men). Some saw your Slytherin loyalties and torment of Harry as signs of betrayal, but my faith in you never wavered, not even when Dumbledore’s body lay crumpled and lifeless. You were the bravest wizard who ever lived, and I was yours to the snakebitten end. With your final breath, you wanted to gaze into Lily’s green eyes. Oh, how I wish my Muggle blues could have sufficed! I could have saved you. Or at least convinced you to wash your hair. Give my best to Alan Rickman. xoxo — Whitney