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Favorite 'Harry Potter' moments

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint tell us what they liked best

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”My favorite are the scenes between Harry and Sirius Black. Harry hasn’t had family for so long and he meets Sirius and feels wanted, and it is a tie to his parents that he never knew. One of the best is from Order of the Phoenix, the scene where Sirius details his family history and how he left home at 16.”

”I can relate to the school and social stuff of realizing you like girls and trying to figure them out. I also get excited when [Rowling] introduces a new character because I start wondering what great Brit will play our new teacher — or if there is a scene I know will be an amazing special effect.”

”I loved in Prisoner of Azkaban how absolutely no one could have predicted [the end]. I love that we never know what J.K. is up to and…how insignificant details become very important, like with Ron’s rat.”