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Adam Samberg's Must List

The ”Hot Rod” star loves ”Planet Earth” and R. Kelly

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Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth
”You have to watch it in hi-def. There’s a slo-mo shot of a shark eating a seal. The most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.”

The Summertime Special
”A friend of ours, Jeff Davis, invented this drink. It’s not that creative: Jack, 7-Up, and, like six to eight crushed lemon slices. Lots of ice. You can only drink it in the summertime.”

”Plague Park,” Handsome Furs
”I’ve been listening to that a lot. It’s just kickass.”

”Real Talk,” R. Kelly
”Oh, man. He knows not what he does to my comedy bones. This is the one where it’s all one side of his phone calls. I don’t think he fully grasps the way people like me love it.”

MTV’s Human Giant
”They’re rad dudes. It’s always encouraging to see a [new] sketch show try, and work.”