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TV salaries: Who deserves the dough?

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Oprah_lNews flash! According to a TV Guide report on celebrity salaries, Oprah Winfrey is the highest paid personality on television! Big surprise there! Yes, the one-woman cultural institution is said to bank a whopping $260 million per year, far outpacing the rest of the crop.

But while anybody could have guessed that, take a gander at the rest of the top five: Simon Cowell ($45 mil per year), Judge Judy ($30 mil), Katie Couric ($15 mil), and … wait for it … Zach Braff ($6.3 mil). Seriously. I think. I mean, I’m willing to bet that that’s a typo, because the story goes on to say that CSI‘s William Petersen makes $500,000 per episode and House‘s Hugh Laurie brings in 300K per, which make sense — and would rank them higher than the Scrubs star. STILL. I ask you, PopWatchers: Are these people worth it? Does Maury Povich warrant a $7 mil annual paycheck (especially since I’m-not-sure-who watches his show anymore)? What about Grey’s Anatomy‘s Ellen Pompeo’s $200,000 per-ep fee? Lemme know what you think — and how’s about we not all pile on Ms. Couric at once, eh?