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How should 'CSI: Miami' resurrect Det. Speedle?

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Rory_lCSI: Miami is already the most ridiculous show on TV (that’s not officially labeled as a sitcom, anyway), so the news that the show’s producers are bringing Rory Cochrane’s Det. Tim Speedle back from the dead (after three years!) doesn’t strike me as remotely out of the ordinary. (In the interest of full disclosure, I stopped watching the show back in ’06, after David Caruso’s Horatio went all vigilante on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, a city which the series would have us believe has no law-enforcement officers of its own.)

Anyhow, now the question becomes, just how exactly will Speedle get resurrected? I’d suggest the writers have Horatio visit Speedle’s grave at sunset, wave his magical sunglasses over the tombstone, and grin knowingly as the undead chap emerges from the ground. Then Caruso could somberly deliver a carefully crafted classic zinger like, “The sun may be setting, but you, son, are back on the rise.” Cue opening credits. “Yaaaaahhhrrggghhh!”

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