July 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

The show that Ken Tucker can’t stop watching

Boy, am I glad I don’t waste hours of my life playing videogames and obsessing over new technology like the iPhone. Instead, I waste hours watching the G4 network’s daily Attack of the Show! to see other people obsess over these products. Hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn (left) preside over a digest of news, reviews, and interviews that’s so fast, funny, and informative, it hooks hardcore gamers, newbies, and just plain layabouts like me. It’s nice to know that some show out there is busy aggregating sites like nimbro.net, where I can watch a robot soccer tournament. Although Attack! maintains a wiseacre tone, it does regularly take the time to, as Munn said recently, ”get our journalism on.” Pereira did a tough-minded interview with Sony computer entertainment CEO, Jack Tretton, grilling him on why the company’s PlayStation 3 is getting pasted by the surprise success of Wii, even asking Tretton why it’s ”been cool to look down on [Sony]” in recent years. No joke: For a show that makes part of its money off sponsorship from companies it covers, it’s probably more ballsy in its journalism than 60 Minutes is these days. Plus, it’s fun: Chris Gore does great DVD reviews, and Pereira and Munn have a nicely teasing brother-and-sister chemistry. When Munn chided Pereira for his enthusiasm over his iPhone by noting that ”he’s masturbating to it even as we speak,” I attained technobliss.

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