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Idol Report Cards

How Fantasia, Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin, and others have done since their ”AI” stints

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Total sales: 306,000 (one album)
Despite not making the season 5 final two, this scruffy underdog–turned–smooth crooner is enjoying some pop success. His CD unexpectedly debuted at No. 3 and has maintained decent sales thanks to the hit “Wait for You.” Still, so far all the radio attention hasn’t translated into a blockbuster album. We’ll see. B

Total sales: 5.7 million (one album)
Huge hit singles. Massive record sales. A slew of accolades, including two Grammys and two CMAs. 2005’s country phenomenon Some Hearts has made her the second-best-selling Idol ever (just behind Kelly) — and pop radio is now also taking note. A new CD, due Oct. 23, should turn her into Idol‘s all-time best-selling grad. A

Total sales: 8.9 million (three albums)
The No. 1 Idol in hearts and sales…for now. Lately her superstar status has seemed wobbly due to a flap over creative control and a scrapped tour. The verdict’s still out on new CD My December: Matching Breakaway (5.8 million sold) will be a big challenge. A-

Sales: 2.9 million (one album)
His sales (a million copies in five weeks!) shocked many industry watchers. After all, he only finished fourth in season 5. But he’s become the sole rock Idol to score any major success (remember Bo Bice, anyone?), and he’s become the second-best-selling nonwinner, after Clay. A

Total sales: 2.5 million (three albums)
Had some early R&B success, but each CD has sold worse than the last. His latest moved a scant 231,000. C+

Total sales: 344,000 (one album)
Sales have hardly been over the rainbow, and a full third of her discs were purchased in the first week of release. C-

Total sales: 690,000 (one album)
Where’s the “Soul Patrol”? Hicks’ debut was a big disappointment when compared to other winners’ first discs. C

Total sales: 2.1 million (two albums)
Her second album moved just a quarter of what her debut did. Bonus points for starring in The Color Purple, though. B *ALL SALES FIGURES COURTESY OF NIELSEN SOUNDSCAN*