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Next up in the Hen House... a new 'View' panelist?

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Barbara_lWe hear Barbara Walters (pictured) and the rest of the folks behind The View are oh-so-close to naming a new host to replace the dearly-departed Rosie O’Donnell. In the last two months, guest hosts have run the gamut, from Sherri Shepherd and Kathy Griffin to Suze Orman and Mario Cantone, but no one is saying for sure whether the show will go with a harmless actress — or a polarizing personality — to occupy the empty spot opposite Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar (and they still have to replace Star Jones Reynolds, too). Conventional wisdom suggests that the ladies will probably take the easy way out; between O’Donnell and Isaiah Washington, ABC has endured more than its fair share of firebrands recently, thank you very much. But if ABC knows what’s good The View’s ratings, it’ll settle on a gal who’s not not afraid to share her genuine — if not always popular — opinion. Assuming you’re still watching the yakker now that O’Donnell’s history, who would you like to see kvetching over coffee with Barbara, Elisabeth, and Joy?