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Would you pay to see 'Medellin'?

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Medellin_lWhat did you think of the fake trailer for Vince’s Medellin movie that closed last night’s Entourage? My friend Paul Katz, in his otherwise right-on-the-money TV Watch today, loved it. Me, I’m the opposite. I appreciated the way the voiceover guy added to the show’s evolving, seasons-long scholarship on the pronunciation of the word Medellin (“Meda-eene”), but Vince’s drug-dealer make-up merely makes him look bee-stung around the cheeks, and there are a few too many shots of green bills pinwheeling through the air in slo-motion. It doesn’t seem like a real movie — which of course it’s not, but it lends the whole show an unconvincing air when we’re forced to watch smart, credible Tinseltown people like Ari Gold go bananas over it.

And it got me thinking: doesn’t that happen a lot in movies and TV shows about Hollywood? It’s pretty common to find movies-within-movies, or shows-within-shows, that are godawful, way worse than anything that would ever be successful in real life, while every character shooting the fake movies and TV shows pretends their work is great. Think of the deadly skits in Studio 60. Or the cheesy-looking Queens Boulevard, from Entourage a few seasons back. Or that funny Bruce Willis/Julia Roberts movie from the end of The Player. It annoys me all the time that movies-within-movies are implausibly bad. Don’t you agree, PopWatchers? Can you think of any entertainments-within-entertainments out there that are actually good?

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