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We Are the Night

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The Chemical Brothers
Edd Westmacott/Retna

We Are the Night

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We gave it a B+

Having released their seminal 1995 debut, Exit Planet Dust, during the Paleozoic era of electro music, the Brothers have seemingly shed their éminence grise status on We Are the Night, their daring sixth CD. Despite a grating first single (”Do It Again”), Night is a welcome return to form after a few tepid releases. The techno-fueled ”Das Spiegel,” the acid-house romp ”All Rights Reversed” (with nü-ravers the Klaxons), and the hip-hop-on-nitrous track ”The Salmon Dance” are more than dance-floor fodder: They’re a lot of fun, too. B+

DOWNLOAD THIS: Preview ”Das Spiegal” at the Chemical Brothers’ website