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Super Taranta!

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Super Taranta!

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In Season
Indie Rock

We gave it a B

Listening to this defiantly iconoclastic gypsy-punk-metal-funk outfit is a little like standing near a 747: It’s awesomely powerful, but venture too close and your eardrums are history. Take the Pogues-meet-the Stooges ferocity of ”Harem in Tuscany (Taranta),” which is mercifully tempered by Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hutz’s blustery vocals, strains of fiddle and accordion, and the ululation of women presumably being serviced by Hutz’s horny henchmen. That said, there’s always a friendly, join-the-party beat lurking beneath the chaos on Super Taranta. B
DOWNLOAD THIS: Supertheory of Supereverything