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You know you're getting old when...

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Father_lYou may recall a PopWatch Confessional where I admitted that I knew what number the Hallmark Channel is on my cable. If so, you won’t be surprised to hear that I was thrilled to read this headline in Variety yesterday:

Hallmark sets impressive line-up
Network commissions 30 original pics for ’08

Unfortunately, I kept reading.

“Hallmark’s target demo is adults 25-54, but skewed toward the older end of that range. A detailed Magna Global report two weeks ago said that the average age of people who watched Hallmark’s primetime schedule from October through May was 63, making it the second-oldest cable network, behind Fox News, which averaged 65-plus.” Seriously? I haven’t felt this old* since I stopped going to concerts that are standing only. (Wait, more recently, I watched The Sound of Music and for the first time, wondered if I’d be woman enough to help Captain von Trapp and his seven children flee Austria.) Anyone else feeling old today?

* My inappropriate crush on Daniel Radcliffe post from roughly 24 hours ago not withstanding

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