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July 13, 2007 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

And (Re)Action!
I knew my favorite action films, Die Hard and Aliens, would land on your list (”The 25 Greatest Action Movies of All Time!”), but I was thrilled to find them No. 1 and 2! Bravo, EW!
Lolita Beckwith

Your list has huge omissions. What about The FugitiveCasino RoyaleTrue Grit
Rob Johnson
Bryan, Tex.

Bonnie and ClydeThe Dirty Dozen
Jay Medler
O’Fallon, Mo.

The Lord of the Rings
Roger W. Peck
Long Grove, Ill.

Daniel Foy
Thomaston, Ga.

North by Northwest
Scott Malchus
Los Angeles

The Professional
Felix Vasquez Jr.
Bronx, N.Y.

First Blood
Michael Voll
Woolford, Md.

The Rock
John Koris
Gig Harbor, Wash.

The French Connection
Nash Taylor

Donald Smith
Naugatuck, Conn.

Emmy Underdogs
Thanks, Gillian Flynn and Ken Tucker, for your insightful comments about Jorja Fox and her invaluable contributions to CSI (”Emmy Day Now”). I was astounded when she did not receive a nomination after her performances in the season 5 episodes ”Nesting Dolls” and ”Committed.”
Maureen Holdridge
Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Finally, somebody has agreed with me: Walton Goggins deserves a nomination for season 6 of The Shield.
David A. Meyer
Jonesboro, Ark.


Before it was a big 2007 vehicle for Travolta, Hairspray was a campy little 1988 movie — one that Rolf Skrinde of Seattle is totally crazy about. His vast collection of memorabilia even includes ”cans of Aqua Net hairspray signed by director John Waters” as well as ”the original Queen of the Auto Show throne [scored on eBay]…. I use it to sip my coffee and plan my day.” No doubt to the tune of ”Good Morning Baltimore!”

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