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What are your fave TV catchphrases right now?

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Betty_lI’ve been remiss, PopWatchers. It’s been more than 18 months since I brought up a subject of vital pop-cultural importance: TV catchphrases! And while it’s hard to fight the nostalgic urge to travel back to the simpler times of December 2005, when I was entertaining friends, coworkers, myself by regularly shouting things like “Hell to the no!” and ”I don’t need to see that” (now a classic), today, it’s time to move forward. In that spirit, I give you the three TV-coined zingers from the last year or so that seem to be popping up in way too many of my current convos.

3) “Gay P.B.” A handy twist on A.P.B. — coined by Ugly Betty‘s Marc (Michael Urie) — best used when you’re trying to get the scoop from your gays.

2) “I just wanna tell you that some people have war in their countries.” Who could forget when Natasha, runner-up from the latest cycle of America’s Next Top Model, used this earnest zinger in response to whiny Brittany’s temper tantrum? (For the uninitiated, the brilliant folks at FourFour have the audio clip.) Trot this one out when someone you love desperately needs a perspective check.

1) “Did you just gesture at me when you said Kwanzaa?” Modify this one any way you like: “Did you just gesture at me when you said skittish?” “Did you just gesture at me when you said tapas?” “Did you just gesture at me when you said Klimpy’s?” Still, you’ll never make it as delicious as the original, uttered with icy perfection by Vanessa (L. Yeah) Williams, as Ugly Betty‘s Wilhelmina.

Now it’s your turn, PopWatchers: List your favorite recent TV catchphrases in the comments section below!