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Let the anti-recycling movement begin -- with movie trailers!

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I was at the movies a few weeks ago when the trailer for Linsday Lohan’s latest, I Know Who Killed Me, showed up on screen.  I was floored.  Not because the film looks awesome (it doesn’t, but I’ll still see it), but because of the music that showed up near the end of the trailer.  It was poached from 28 Weeks Later!!!!  I know!  Aren’t you pissed!?! I wanted to throw my cherry coke and popcorn at the screen and scream “I HATE you and your stupid movie Linsday Lohan!!”  I know Lohan (pictured, left) had nothing to do with the music, but seriously, 28 Weeks Later (pictured, right) had been out about a month when this trailer hit.  Did they have to use John Murphy’s haunting score?  I think not.  It’s a travesty, if you ask me. 

Unfortunately, this happens all the time.  Requiem for a Dream‘s score tends to show up at least once a  year, most recently on the trailer for Sunshine, the new Danny Boyle flick.  And don’t get me started on how many times the music from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story makes the rounds.  (Yes, I’ve seen Dragon multiple times — and loved it.)

Anyway, PopWatchers, what movie-score music have you noticed being recycled in trailers? And does this practice activate your popcorn-hurling gene, or should I consider switching to a caffeine-free beverage?