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Who Else Remembers This? (Vol. 8)

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A few weeks ago, I typed “100% Pure Love” into YouTube’s search field — because why wouldn’t I do that? Having just reenacted the break-it-down section of Crystal Waters’ ’90s classic (“back back to the middle and a back to the middle and AH!”), I was on a performance high. Slezak, Samantha Harmon, and most importantly I, had all awarded me a 100% retention rate of this special slice of history. Naturally I had to watch the video on YouTube.

But the first hit to pop up for “100% Pure Love” isn’t Crystal Waters. It’s one-time Olympic gold medalist and today’s extra-special PopWatch Birthday Princess Kristi Yamaguchi’s routine to “100% Pure Love.” Logically. Kristi’s literal interpretation of the “back to the middle” breakdown was 100% pure better than mine, thanks to a dazzling scratch spin during which you think “She’s going to die!” but then she doesn’t. Kristi Yamaguchi’s centrifugal force nullifies my very existence.

So consider this a challenge. Anyone worth his/her weight in fringed spandex remembers “100% Pure Love.” I’m looking for someone who remembers this particular ass-slappin’ 1994 figure skating performance. Why don’t you blow my mind? And happy birthday, KY! Ewwww, K-Y.

“Don’t you want a hit?” Yes.