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How I spent my summer vacation... with Eva Longoria

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Longoria_l¡Hola, PopWatchers! I just got back from a two-week vacation in lovely Barcelona, and while the trip was designed to be a much-needed pop-culture detox (I didn’t even log on to PopWatch during my time abroad — ¡gasp!) there was one celebrity I simply couldn’t avoid: Eva Longoria. No, BBC World News wasn’t relentless in covering the run-up to the Desperate Housewives star’s weekend nuptials to basketball star Tony Parker (I took that as proof of God’s existence), but rather, I couldn’t walk two blocks without seeing one of her ads for Magnum ice-cream bars. Seriously, they were everywhere. And so, to ensure I had something to blog about my first Monday back on the job, I took a picture of one of the inescapable sidewalk banners, and I also broke down and sampled the Magnum (double chocolate flavor) — which struck me as a richer, more sinful version of the Dove bar. I’ll say this for Longoria, she may be a shameless shill, but she’s got good taste when it comes to one of Jay Manuel and Tyra Banks’ favorite treats.