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If only Shia could have Transformed his T-shirt

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Shia_lSaw Transformers yesterday. Liked that one part in the end when that fighter jet kept changing in midair from plane to robot to plane again in the downtown fight scene. That was wild. Only one thing really bothered me about the whole movie. Okay, two things — first off, why didn’t the Transformers have more discernible heads and faces? Didn’t get that, but no big deal. What really got to me is the Strokes T-shirt that Shia LaBeouf (pictured) sported for the entire second half of the show.

Anybody else irrationally irked by this? Don’t get me wrong — I’m a Strokes fan, I hate it when people bash ’em (and their third album last year was much stronger than the band got credit for, especially the song “Ize of the World”). I also usually don’t mind product placement that much; I’m grateful to GM for helping bring the movie in at a reasonable budget. And I get that the design and font of the Strokes logo is metallic, industrial — Transformers-esque, if you will. But for some reason I couldn’t stop focusing on LaBeouf’s distracting torso for the last hour there. The kid might as well have been wearing a T-shirt with a pair of airbrushed female breasts on it. So, good for the Strokes, but bad for the movie, I say. Who disagrees?