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Transformers' Prime Box Office Prospects

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Just a quick late-Friday box office update, friends, sincemy lovely colleague Nicole Sperling already posted this week’s box officepreview a few days ago (thanks, Nicole!) — and because, wowee, it sure lookslike we’ve got a bona fide blockbuster on our hands here! Yep, Transformers hasn’tslowed down one bit since opening with the biggest Tuesday gross in history ($27.9million): It earned $29.1 mil on Wednesday and $19.2 mil on Thursday, and ifyou add all those numbers to the $8.8 mil it earned in “previews” on Monday,the Michael Bay flick is heading into the weekend with $84.9 mil already in thebank. At this rate, the movie should be close to $150 mil by Sunday. Whoa! (Oh, and the other Tuesday opener, License to Wed, has brought in $7.4 mil so far — whatev.)

Anyway: This is huge! I mean, we sorta saw this coming, but did we really see itcoming? Are you surprised? If you’ve already seen the movie, do you think itdeserves all this financial success? If you’re one of the three people whohasn’t seen it yet, are you rarin’ to buy a ticket? Or, dare I say it, a toy?Speak up, PopWatchobots!