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The Must List wants you

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Uncle_lLast week, we asked you, our faithful and impossibly good-looking PopWatch readers, to send us suggestions for the Must List, the index of pop-culture cool that runs each week in the pages of Entertainment Weekly. Well, one of those ideas was added to the Must List in our newest issue — on sale later this week — and let’s just say that life for that astute and impossibly good-looking PopWatch reader will never be the same.

So, we come to you again, asking that you let us know about the TV show/album/book/movie/video game/website that you think is ML-worthy. A high standard, we know — but this should be easy for readers as clever (and, yes, impossibly good-looking) as you.

Just a few rules:

(1) Please limit yourself to no more than three suggestions (and if you wanna explain your suggestions, go right ahead),  and

(2) Please include your email (we won’t publish it and we won’t share it — we just need it to contact you if your submission is chosen)

We’ll accept submissions up until 10 AM on Thursday, July 5.  So have at it — and in the words of a favorite gap-toothed curmudgeon: “Please…no wagering”

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