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Are you "Freak"-ing kidding me?

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Criss_l We just learned that the wife of tele-illusionist Criss Angel (pictured) has filed for divorce, on the grounds of mental cruelty, abandonment, and infidelity. And the person with whom he is supposed to have had this affair? Cameron Diaz!  We will allow that Mr. Mindfreak (born Christopher Sarantakos), with his goth duds and eyeliner, cuts something of a dashing figure — he comes across like Alice Cooper’s polite younger brother. But (we’ll say it again): Cameron Diaz?! 

Okay, Criss Angel isn’t the first magician/illusionist to have been linked with a beautiful female celebrity. David Blaine was seen escorting Madonna, Josie Moran, and Fiona Apple. And David Copperfield was once engaged to Claudia Schiffer. We can only guess that Houdini must’ve had some mad pimp skillz.

So, ladies (and knowledgeable gentlemen), please share with us your thoughts on how these dudes — who come from a tradition now associated with birthday-party entertainment — are able to attract such beautiful ladies. And, please, no “magic wand” jokes.

addCredit(“Criss Angel: Sol Brown/WireImage.com”)