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Nintendo with Nicole Kidman (huh?!)

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Kidman_l_2G’day PopWatchers. Like many of you I go way back with Nintendo. I reigned overSuper Mario games as a sassy Princess Peach, tilted a faux firearm at cartoonducks, and rejoiced after beating the entire Zelda game one afternoon afterschool. (All right, so it was over a period of time, but still pretty impressivefor a 10-year-old.) So for me, the word Nintendo conjures fond memories offloating skirts, (wo)man vs. self, and Koji Kondo-composed soundtracks.

But alas, Nintendo is more than a childhood memory. It is abrand — both retro (see: merchandise at HotTopic) and modern (see: Wii remote-yielding gamers). Adding to its modernappeal is Nintendo’s new famous (like A-list famous!) face: Nicole Kidman.

Am I the only one who finds this strange? And I get thatit’s totally the point to think it’sstrange, but at the same time, I still can’t wrap my head around it. I don’t have to check my famous people I’d want to play Nintendo withlist (what, don’t you have one?) to know that Nicole Kidman ain’t on it.

addCredit(“Nicole Kidman: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)

I should mention that the game company’s marketing campaignisn’t about playing Nintendo with otherpeople. Kidman is the face of the DS game More Brain Training, which followslast year’s Brain Age and tests users onmental aptitude. The campaign aims to bring the company’s name to the masses(or at least the segment of the masses that doesn’t include teenage boys). Still, while it’s notexactly Zelda, it’s weird to see the Moulin Rouge star squinting into the screenof a Nintendo DS.

Here, the Aussie actress appears to have sought solace fromPuffy’s Labor Day “White Party” to do some brain exercises. And while I thinkshe’s very pretty and love the way she pronounces the word rock, she doesn’t make me want to go out and get my mind game on. Besides — Rock, Paper, Scissors? Is this how the Oscar-winner challenges herself? Tell me, PopWatchers, am Istuck in my old Duck Hunt-gun-toting ways? Is Nicole’s ad fresh and intriguing?Should I pass the controller?