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What's on your Must List?

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Julia_lFans of Entertainment Weekly should be pretty familiar with the Must List — that pretty page in the magazine that kicks off the reviews section, a compilation of ten things the editors are in love with that particular week. Most recently, we’ve given kudos to everything from the Police reunion tour to Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas to the animated kiddie flick Surf’s Up.

Well, now the editors want to shake things up a bit — we want know what you’re digging. Starting with the next issue, each Must List will include a pick from a reader — that’s right, you! So let’s get it going: What current movie, CD, DVD, or book is your addiction this week, and why? What about awesome singles and music videos? Performances from the summer blockbusters? Guilty pleasures?

I’ll start: For the first time ever, I’m tuning in to Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen. Yes, it’s entertaining to watch Gordon Ramsay berate all the contestants — I gasped last week when he smashed an undercooked egg into an underling’s chest — but I’m also enjoying it because it’s fun to root for Julia (pictured), the Waffle House short-order cook who gets zero respect from her snobby competitors but is hanging in there with the best of them.

Your turn. (And please remember, keep your pick current — don’t just say Lost, since it’s on hiatus for summer…)

addCredit(“Hell’s Kitchen: Kharen Hill”)