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Don't Keep Believin'

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Perry_lOkay, so a few days ago, I wrote a little blog thingie about how I might have inadvertently reunited Journey with Steve Perry (pictured), the singer we all know was responsible for catapulting the band to rockstar status in their 1980s heyday. My “proof” that this history-making event was upon us? Both Perry and guitarist Neal Schon had made we’ve-gone-our–separate-ways puns in recent interviews, so of course that meant they were letting bygones be bygones and reassembling after Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain let go their latest singer, Jeff Scott Soto. It seemed obvious to me (and my editors) that my pseudo-intertextual-analysis/crystal-balling was meant as ONE BIG JOKE. But apparently, irony is no match for the fiery passion of Journey fans, who have been flooding the internets with theories of how and when and why the Perry-Journey reunion will take place. Word eventually got back to the ex-frontman himself, and on June 21 he posted a message stating that he has “no such plans whatsoever” to get back with the band. “What you have heard is only a rumor. I’m truly sorry for any disappointment this rumor may be causing,” he wrote.

Now, I’m not presumptuous enough to think that my silly little post was the sole cause of said rumor. But if I somehow added to the brouhaha, then oh, woe is me! ‘Twas never my intention to seriously raise the hopes that the ex-bandmates would run back to each other with open arms (d’oh!). And now — sigh — there are brokenhearted Journey devotees like PopWatcher Bruce in NC, who was ready to “un-mothball my denim jacket with the Escape scarab patch ironed onto the back.”

addCredit(“Steve Perry: Robin Kaplan/Retna”)

Alas, it seems there shall be no Escape tour redux. To cheer yourselves up, I suggest repeated viewings of THE MOST AWESOME VIDEO IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.This infamous gem always lifts my spirits. The air keyboards, wokhi-hat set, and earnest profile singing are especially rad. (My sister,meanwhile, really digs the trick with the beat-up old van around the1:40 mark.) In this video, PopWatchers, we can go on be-lieeeev-in’ formany years to come.