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A long day's journey into...day

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Insomniac_lHey, PopWatchers — wouldja look at your calendars? Why, today marks the summer solstice! It’s the longest day of the year. The day on which most Alaskans and Scandinavians and, er, Greenlanders won’t see the sun go down. (A fact I was reminded of when I heard this sweet little story on NPR this morning.) How about that? As the folks on the long lost 3-2-1 Contact used to say, Science is fun! So, anyway, in honor of this special day, here’s a small tribute to that under-appreciated 2002 Al Pacino/Robin Williams (pictured) gem of a thriller, Insomnia, which is just as cool as its 1997 Stellan Skarsgard-fronted Scandinavian predecessor — and about five times as amusing.

Now, the folks up in Anchorage are spending most of today outdoors, enjoying the endless sunshine and the balmy 70-degree heat (that is, when they aren’t logging onto PopWatch). Bully for them! But what if they had to stay indoors for the full, 24-hour day? What if, like, it were raining? How would you recommend they spend their time? Perhaps they should watch all the Star Wars movies, followed by all the Lord of the Rings movies, followed by two thirds of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Or maybe they should attempt to read James Joyce’s Ulysses cover to cover. Or listen to “My Humps” about 472 times. I, for one, might be tempted to watch 48 consecutive episodes of my current cable obsession, HGTV’s House Hunters. Heck, I might even throw an episode of The Simpsons in there for good measure (or, on second thought…). Man, oh man, so many choices! What would you do if you had to pull an “all-dayer” indoors?

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