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Avril Lavigne wants that cred!

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Let me preface this by saying that Avril Lavigne is one ofmy least favorite pop acts of all time. While I bumped ”Sk8ter Boi” in 2002 asmuch as the next man, I really don’t buy her whole suburban ”I just get drunkand make my music” shtick. And for all those who come back with tales of how”real” she really is, I feel vindicated in presenting the new video for”Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Remix),” a collaboration with Brooklyn’sLil Mama (a/k/a the girl whose ”lip gloss is POPPIN”). No artist whois truly ”doing her own thing” would ever come up with an idea like this on her own.Instead, Avril seems like a helpless patient in the hands of ”Dr. Luke,” acharlatan who has sewn together two of the worst songs of the year into aFrankenstein’s monster of semi-animate pop trends: rappers rocking out (”PartyLike a Rockstar”), misdirected girl power (I don’t want to be yourgirlfriend!), and awful urban-dance routines (”Chicken Noodle Soup’‘). Check out the video — and leave your thoughts after the jump.

But just as Frankenstein’s monster gradually becomes asympathetic character with some redeeming human qualities, this remix actuallyfinds glimpses of life within the teenage wasteland from whence it sprang. Thevideo has an almost irresistible aura of fun — the track bops along likea hyperactive kid, while the unlikely duo: joyrides in a candy-pinkconvertible, defaces public property (but in a cute way!), and, of course, dancesenthusiastically. Lil Mama steals the show, displaying a technical, if notlyrical, proficiency in her rhyming that’s reminiscent of another ”Lil’rapper by the name of Bow Wow. Meanwhile, Avril rocks the backdrop for much ofthe video and awkwardly tries to match Mama’s moves. There’s somethingsickeningly cheery about the whole ordeal, but Lil Mama has a charming joie de vivre, and Avril shines a littlebrighter in her shadow.

Though I’m feeling strangely neutral (maybe two wrongs do make it sort of right?), I have afeeling this is a ”hate it or love it” type of item. What do you think,PopWatchers: Is this collabo poppin’ or floppin’?