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Nostalgia: The Movie

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Nancy_lRegular EW.com visitors are probably familiar with our summer movie body count, in which we tabulate the number of deaths that can be seen in multiplexes around the country. Which means, of course, someone actually has to go out and watch these films. And so it was that I found myself buying a ticket for Nancy Drew. (With with my little sisters — ages 7 and 9 — back home in Maryland, I didn’t even have a representation of the movie’s key demographic to hide behind.) But guess what, PopWatchers? I didn’t hate it.

In fact, the movie represented a cinematic trip down memory lane — there was still a part of me that wanted to see the pint-sized sleuth. (Totally unrelated: but did you guys know that Emma Roberts (pictured) is Julia Roberts’ niece? I must have missed the memo.) I only remember reading one Nancy Drew book as a kid, but the theme brought on a wave of nostalgia. I was 11 years old again, looking forward to The Babysitters Club (a book series I devoured). I even got to see TBC‘s Rachel Leigh Cook!

addCredit(“Melinda Sue Gordon”)

This got me thinking, PopWatchers, about all those movies we see under false pretenses:

“I have to see this for work.”

“The kids really are really excited about it.”

“I’m interested in writing children’s literature.”

“It’s either this…or Scary Movie 18.”

I know I’m not the only one who does this. My father enjoyed Clueless just as much as my friends and I did because to him, it was a sort-of updated Fast Times at Ridgemont High.And the first time I saw it, he probably enjoyed it more as a lot ofjokes flew over my head. (“Daddy, what did D mean when she said, ‘theregoes your social life?’”)

What about you? What movies have made you come up with excuses tosee? And which of them brought back happy adolescent memories?