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Food and Drink Friday, soon to be Thursday

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Rachelray_lStarting next week, Food and Drink Fridays will be moving to Thursdays. It’s going to blow your mind.

Don’t click don’t click don’t click! You totally clicked. It’s a mashup of Rachael Ray (pictured) talking about big beefy balls. Maybe you’ve already seen it? T-riffic! I really think the best part about this site is the background music.

• Robert Rodriguez included this awesome tutorial on how to make breakfast tacos on the Sin City DVD. Again with the killer background music! I appreciate his insistence on including as much fat as possible: “Use low-fat cooking spray. Ahhhh, just kidding. Use butter.” (Tiny blip of NSFW language at the end, but who am I kidding?)

• Apparently, the people behind Ratatouille really got to know their French cuisine. I like this informative sentence: “A scallop, for example, needs ridges and bumps to look realistic. But add too many and the shellfish becomes grotesque.” Good to know!