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Stan Lee giving Paris Hilton the 'Stripperella' treatment?

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We just got confirmation from MTV that Marvel Comics god Stan Lee is developing a new show for them that will somehow involve Paris Hilton. An MTV rep says the project is in its “early, early stages” and wouldn’t say much else, but the New York Daily News reported in yesterday’s “Gatecrasher” column that it will be an animated show (a safe bet with Lee), which immediately brings to mind Lee’s last cartoon project involving a famous blonde celebrity whom we’ve all seen have sex on a (supposedly) leaked video: Pamela Anderson’s Stripperella, which aired on MTV Networks-operated Spike in 2003. Spike’s response to our inquiries about the project was, “As good a project as Stripperella was for us at that time, we’ve moved beyond that type of programming.” Kinda makes you wonder where in the MTV family this Hilton show (which the Daily News claims will also feature Hilton’s ex, Paris Latsis) will wind up.

Any PopWatchers like (or even remember) Stripperella? Can you get even the least bit excited about a new project featuring Paris the Prisoner? Who would you build a Lee-helmed animation series around? (I’m thinking Thora Birch reprising her role as Enid in Ghost World. Or Rose McGowan as a sexy, blood-thirsty vampire…. Wait, maybe that’s more of a reality show.)