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I have no idea why they didn't go with Ace of Base

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Stereogum has a great TGIF time-waster: Instead of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” you can plug in any Web-hosted song to serve as the soundtrack for the final scene of The Sopranos. (Yes, everyone’s still talking about this. PopWatch reader Jane points out yet another brilliant parody. Guess it’ll be at least another few days before we’re all tired of this.) I started subbing in some promising choices of my own, but I kept getting discouraged that many of them were too short (the clip is 3:44). “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” was a perfect fit — especially “I need a fix ’cause I’m goin’ down” which was obvs a reference to the onion rings — but it was way too short. (PopWatch’s Gary Susman recommends the Pretenders’ “Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” Elvis Costello’s “Clubland,” and Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day,” with its ‘You’re going to reap just what you sow” refrain.) So I scrolled through my iTunes to find songs that are exactly 3:44 that might work, and uploaded a few you can use. Just paste the URL into the “play it” box and be patient while the two sync up. Very patient.

Which songs work for you?