Simon Vozick-Levinson
June 14, 2007 at 04:57 AM EDT

Can you believe it’s been a full year since these posts — er, that is, two full years since’s PopWatch first started Watching the Pop? Our second year of existence has yielded too many memorable moments to name. Looking back over the last 12 months, I’m particularly struck by how many times posts on this blog have correctly predicted future occurrences. So, if you’ll forgive me, I’d like to celebrate this momentous anniversary by doing a little collective gloating over PopWatch’s best early calls.

• On June 12, 2006, Mickey O’Connor detected a worrisome continuity mishap in an episode of Entourage. Was that a harbinger of the following season’s baffling lack of character development or narrative logic? Seems that way to me.

• On June 15, 2006, Scott Brown predicted that the final episode of The Sopranos (pictured) would shock viewers by ending abruptly in mid-scene. Behold, Scott’s vision of The Sopranos’ conclusion, in its entirety:

Melfi, Meadow, A.J., Paulie Walnuts, Silvio, and Bobby Bacala all go into a store. Pan up to name of store: DYNAMITE STORE
CLERK: Hey, you there! Yeah, you, the Italian stereotype! There’s no smoking in he—

• On September 5, 2006, Michael Slezak and Gary Susman weighed in on Rosie O’Donnell’s first day on The View. What they saw was a charismatic small-screen presence who nonetheless “sucked all the air out of the room,” “steamroller[ed] the others,” and almost got into a tiff with Elisabeth Hasselbeck — a pattern which would become all too familiar in the coming months.

• On February 28, 2007, Josh Rich accurately picked the this season’s Dancing With the Stars champion, even before the lineup of contestants was finalized, as he counted off the list of competitors: “Laila Ali, Billy Ray Cyrus, Clyde Drexler…Apolo Anton Ohno (he’s gonna win, duh).” See how he just snuck that glimpse of the future in there parenthetically, like it was no biggie? That’s how you can tell a true professional soothsayer, folks.

• Best of all, back on June 13, 2006, Slezak titled a post “Oscars 2007: Only 257 days left!” Check your calendars and you’ll see that this year’s Oscars ceremony occurred, yep, exactly 257 days later to the day. It’s downright uncanny.

addCredit(“The Sopranos: Craig Blankenhorn”)

Okay, maybe I’m reaching a little with that last one. But the rest of them are legit, I swear!

So, do you have any favorite PopWatch predictions — or times when we really missed the mark on events to come? Let’s hear ’em.

UPDATE: Gary Susman adds: Having edited PopWatch for most ofits second year, I fondly recall many other other less prescienthighlights — including Whitney Pastorek’s live-blogging of the Madonna-Oprah summit; countless hilarious Slezak posts, including this Bachelor quiz; Michele Romero’s day spent hanging out with Patti Smith in the recording studio; Annie Barrett’s heartfelt letter to her life partner/DVR; posts from Sundance celebrity guest bloggers Billy Baldwin and Rainn Wilson; Whitney’s instant-message conversation with me about Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto trailer; and Mandi Bierly’s second PopWatch Confessional,which unleashed a tsunami of tearful TV memories among our readers.Which provides a reminder that our commenters — a remarkably eloquent,knowledgeable, and good-looking bunch — are part of what makes PopWatchso stellar. I want to thank everyone who’s contributed to this blogover the last 12 months, including all you PopWatchers who’ve chimed inwith your own two cents. Please keep telling us what we’re doing right,and what we could do better.

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