June 14, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Okay, technically, it’s not the entire TV department. It’s more like a small but shameless contingent of us, led by Dalton Ross and Henry Goldblatt. Exhibit A: The following email excerpt:

Dalton: How did I not know this? Paradise Hotel is returning, to MyNetwork TV and Fox Reality! All new episodes! And I thought it was gone for-evaaaaa!
Henry: You can’t see me right now but I just screamed for joy. Everyone in the subway station stared… Until the train doors opened to the sound of a heinous mariachi band, and I was no longer the subject of everyone’s disgust.
Dalton: [pastes this link to casting info.]
Henry: Um… I’ve decided to take a sabbatical.

Exhibit B: I have an autographed photo of Dave Kerpen hanging in my cube.

Now, apparently, we’re not the only ones eagerly awaiting the early 2008 return of Fox’s most honest reality show. (I say honest because the host came right out and said the only way to survive elimination was to “find a roommate.” And also, if I remember correctly, producers changed the rules whenever they felt like it.) Fox Reality president David Lyle has said, “All of our research has shown that Paradise Hotel is a brand that reality viewers are desperate to see on TV again.” So are you desperate for more of this? Or is there another reality show you’d like resurrected? Pssst, Mr. Lyle: Bachelorettes in Alaska!

addCredit(“Paradise Hotel: Everett Collection”)

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