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Wait, I thought lesbians WERE people

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L_lI’m not too thrilled about Showtime’s latest “for your consideration” ad for The L Word (pictured), which features this quote from The Chicago Tribune: “No longer ‘ashow about lesbians,’ this series has evolved into a show aboutpeople.” Yeah, who happen to be perfectly evolved lesbians. WTF?

It turns out the Trib’s quote went on: “…people, manyof whom happen to be lesbians, which is as it should be.” And which makes this ad unnecessarily offensive. I do suppose the original quote was too long, and just “no longer ‘a show about lesbians'” wouldn’t be attractive to… lesbians, but come on. Find a different quote. (Such as? EW’s Nicholas Fonseca: “It made me a Marlee Matlin fan.” Perf!)

I won’t even get into what the hell kind of glossypink phallic symbol Helena’s perched on right now. Or how Max is casuallysidling up to it, all envious of its illumination and girth. Oops, just did.