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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

The Kelly Gang
It saddens me that despite Kelly Clarkson’s talent, she still faces prejudice from people who are skeptical of her writing ability because she’s a young woman (”Kelly in Control”). What century are we in? Kelly should be commended for protecting her creative rights and standing her ground.
Grace Chen
Daly City, Calif.

I loved the Kelly Clarkson cover and story (along with the Idolatry video!). It’s refreshing to know she’s not selling out, and it’s nice that there are good role models out there for females.
A. Chan
San Francisco

Soul Mate
Thanks for the article on Amy Winehouse (”Voice of the Beehive”). Her look and her hair are what drew me in, but her voice is what has kept me listening.
Racine Oxtoby
Truro, Mass.

Fair Playlist
I enjoyed your list of the 24 greatest rock songs (The Pop of King). Don’t agree with it, but loved it anyway. If nothing else, it will make me give some of those tunes another listen. I agree with Mr. King’s buddy about his recent columns being a downer, and I’m glad to have the old Uncle Stevie back.
Tamara Stoops
Staunton, Va.

Stage Struck
The Summer Music Preview receives almost 20 pages, and the Tony nominations get less than a quarter page (News & Notes)? The Tony Awards are entertainment news, and I want my entertainment delivery system to tell me about it. I enjoy the theater reviews, so keep up the good work and carry through.
Holly Caster
Nyack, N.Y.

In question No. 4 of our Pop Culture Personality Test, the photos of Ted Wass and Michael Stoyanov were mistakenly flipped (Spotlight).


It’s not often that we receive an OFOTW submission marked ”Urgent!” but Mitchell Hallock of Trumbull, Conn., has good reason to crack the whip. This life long Indiana Jones fan just learned that Indy 4 will be shooting in nearby New Haven, and he and his sons Spencer and Owen are looking for help to make ”the ultimate dream come true — maybe be part of the 500 extras needed.” Guess it wasn’t the last crusade after all.