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This Time, This Place

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This Time, This Place

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Jack Valenti
Harmony Books
Memoir, Nonfiction

We gave it a B-

Jack Valenti, the ex-MPAA czar who died in April, had ”a fascinating life,” but his sometimes self-aggrandizing tome is only fitfully so. In This Time, This Place, he offers a rousing account of his WWII bombing missions, JFK’s assassination (he was in the motorcade), and his three-year stint as one of LBJ’s closest aides. But aside from niblets on the movie ratings system’s creation and the Academy’s 2003 DVD-screener debacle, his Hollywood chapters oddly lack insight: Liz Taylor is ”classy”; Bono is ”world-famous”; various lawyers, producers, and restaurants are ”first-class.” To paraphrase Shakespeare (a Valenti idol), there’s too much blather signifying nothing.